Hello, I'm Anxiety Fox!

Anxiety Fox was created a few years ago in order to help me cope with my anxiety and depression disorders. When suffering from anxiety attacks, I would often find myself drawing a little white fox on paper over and over again. After drawing this little fox for a few days, I realized that channeling my anxiety into drawings of harmless creatures helped me not directly hate myself but slowly come to terms with my disorders. After finding the courage to post these doodles online, I quickly realized that the character was accepted with open arms and resonated with people all over the world. Thanks to Anxiety Fox, I was able to seek professional help for my disorders, find a healthy way to manage them with creating artwork, and meeting amazing people who shared their stories of comfort.

Anxiety Fox's Friends

Anxiety Fox has a group of close friends to help them grow. Each character explores and helps bring awareness to other mental disorders that I also manage.

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