Anxiety Fox

Birthday: May 3rd

Favorite Food: Takoyaki

Anxiety Fox is a very shy little fox who likes to keep to themselves. They like to avoid large crowds of animals and would prefer quiet places. Although Anxiety Fox is thankful for their close friends, they often over think and think their friends hate them for the smallest scenarios. Despite having anxiety, they love trying new things and exploring new areas if they go at their own pace. It helps if their friends are there to encourage them! They love to make their friends laugh with their dry humor and puns. Anxiety Fox’s friends are always there to remind them that it is okay to be anxious and that they are not a broken fox, but an extremely loved friend.

Support Bunny

Birthday: April 23rd

Favorite Food: Ice Cream Parfaits

Support Bunny is Anxiety Fox's best friend and is always there to offer help and comfort when they are feeling down. They often check up on their friends and are always happy to listen to others. Despite always seeming chipper and lively, they too can become stressed and have their own self esteem issues to overcome. Due to these issues, they often channel it into helping their friends out but need to be reminded to take care of themselves as well. This leads them into putting their self worth in helping others and neglecting themselves. Anxiety Fox and the gang are always happy to remind them to practice self care and that Support Bunny is loved and that they don’t need to go above and beyond to prove their friendship.

ADHD Puppy

Birthday: August 28th

Favorite Food: Pears

ADHD Puppy is a little pup who loves to learn new things and explore! They are often seen sniffing around new surroundings and making new friends, even if they are a little shy. Due to their ADHD, they often have trouble completing tasks, experience forgetfulness, and biting off more than they can chew. This leads to them getting too stressed to sit down to focus and often gets distracted. However, when ADHD Puppy finds something they are truly passionate about, they are extremely driven. Anxiety Fox and the gang are always there to celebrate even small triumphs with ADHD Puppy to help their self esteem grow.

Calming Kitty

Birthday: June 20th

Favorite Food: Chicken Soup

Calming Kitty is often seen sleeping in their favorite sunny spots around the world. They are most active at night when the world is asleep since it offers less distractions and less judgement on mistakes if they are trying to accomplish a goal. Calming Kitty copes with insomnia and depression, which leads them to over sleep. Despite this, they are a very kind friend who loves to help others and be included. They want nothing more than to be in the same room as their friends. Anxiety Fox and the gang are always there to remind them that they are loved and welcomed, even when Calming Kitty prefers to be alone when they are having bad episodes.